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Three expert women from Hong Kong-based organisations fighting against the trafficking of humans and sexual exploitation in the city will participate in this virtual panel. The members of the panel include: Janice Chan, CEO of Sons and Daughters; Michelle Wong, Program Manager of STOP (Stop Trafficking of People); and Patricia Ho, Founder of Hong Kong Dignity Institute. They will touch upon the efforts their organisations have done to combat the growing misconceptions of the sex industry in the past year. We aim to educate and mobilise our audience to confront the issue of human trafficking in our city together.


  • Janice Chan

    is a Counselling Psychological Therapist specializing in post-trauma therapy and crisis intervention and is a seasoned executive in nonprofit management.
    Her clinical experience includes work with ex-offenders across the London Prisons, before taking the role of Project Manager at the largest nonprofit in Hong Kong working with survivors of sexual violence.
    Prior to leading Sons & Daughters, she was Head of Psychosocial Services at an organization that works with asylum seekers, refugees, and victims of trafficking. In addition to providing therapeutic interventions to survivors, she and her team developed education programmes on gender-based violence to the public and to frontline professionals.

  • Michelle Wong

    is the Programme Manager of Stop Trafficking Of People (STOP.), Branches of Hope. As the newest member of the team, she hopes to contribute her experience and skills as a labour activist in combating human trafficking. As a community organizer, Michelle sets her heart on fighting for the dignity of the marginalized. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she has spent a decade working with the homeless community, women workers, precarious workers, and migrants in Hong Kong. She believes that collective power is key to building a better world for humankind. Michelle holds a Master degree in Labour and Global Workers’ Rights.

  • Patricia Ho

    is the Founder of Hong Kong Dignity Institute, Managing Partner of Patricia Ho & Associates and Principal Lecturer of the Faculty of Law at the University of Hong Kong. Much of her work involves defending the rights of minority groups in Hong Kong. This includes a number of landmark test cases concerning asylum seekers/refugees (access to social welfare, release from detention, permission to work), transgender persons (discriminatory treatment in detention), domestic helpers (challenge against the live-in rule), sex workers (right to security) and victims of human trafficking.In 2015, Patricia represented Mr. ZN to bring a judicial review ZN v Secretary for Justice & Ors to encourage the government to consider introducing specific legislations to criminalise forced labour and human trafficking. She is also a co-author of the Crimes (Amendment) (Modern Slavery) Bill 2019 which has been introduced in the Hong Kong Legislative Council. In June 2020, Patricia was recognised as one of ten global TIP Report Heroes.

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