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Sponsor a...New PROGRAM

To help our beneficiaries emerge from the darkness and reintegrate into society, Sons & Daughters provides twelve months of aftercare support to prepare them for a new life through counselling and training.

Through our social enterprise, ReStore, we provide a training ground for our beneficiaries, allowing them to gain practical experience and accumulate skills and knowledge in a supportive environment.

To sustain this integral training programme and deliver the needed resources to our beneficiaries, we need your partnership.

Education Pledge
550HKD / Month

Support one woman to gain training and professional certification in her chosen career path

e.g. diploma in nail technology

Family Pledge
1200HKD / Month

Support one child to receive weekly homework tutoring, school supplies, group activities and trauma therapy

Dependent Pledge
4000HKD / Month

Support the living costs (rent, food, clothing, school) of a women's dependents overseas so that she can stop sex work and go full-time into our Aftercare program

Donate directly into our account:

FPS: 160971313

Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank

Account Name: Sons & Daughters (HK) Ltd.

Account number: 390-805141-883

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