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Mission & Vision


Sons & Daughters helps those caught in sexual exploitation to reclaim a life of love, family, and freedom.


We long to witness transformation in red light districts of Hong Kong. We strive to see workers, managers, and customers abandon the sex trade. We aim to help those who are caught in sexual exploitation walk freely into their destinies as sons and daughters of God.


Awakened to the devastating reality of sexual exploitation in Hong Kong

A group of women began to reach out to one of the most well-known red-light districts in 2009. Their purpose was to befriend and care for women trapped in the sex industry. 

Equipped with baked goods and the love of Jesus, their strategy was simple: pray, worship and be faithful to consistently reach out to these women.

Our weekly outreach has since expanded to four areas in Hong Kong. Our ministry scope broadened in 2015 with the launch of our drop-in center. The peaceful space located in the middle of the red light district helps to cultivate deeper relationships with the women we encounter on outreach. 

Since the opening of our transition home in 2016, we have been developing strategic exit strategies for women to leave the sex industry. Two cohorts of women have gone through our Aftercare program, left the commercial sex industry for good, and have embarked upon new career paths. 

In 2019 we launched our social enterprise ReStore. All products are handcrafted by our beneficiaries. We provide a real-life work environment and training to individuals who were exploited and help them reclaim a life of financial independence. 

Our Story




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